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Second Order of Benedictine Exorcists

The Advent International Order of Exorcists is an Old Roman Catholic Second Order of Benedictine Exorcists. Founded by and presiding Chief Exorcist Archbishop James Cloud. We are a non-profit, licensed 501c3 ministry. All of our services are free and brought in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
We strongly encourage you to work with your local Church prior to contacting us. If they do not have the resources and you believe you are still in need of help please send a message with a brief description as well as city, state/provence and country of your location. Someone within the order will respond. Please note that in some cases we simply will not have the resources. Most often this is regarding the distance from the nearest member.
As an international organization we invite both clergy and laymen as members. Not all are truly called and ready for such a life. If you feel that this is for you simply start by reaching out to us to begin the interview process. Please understand this is a Christian Ministry, not a ghost hunting or paranormal group. If you are not studied and practiced in the Word then this is not for you.


Advent International Order of ExorcistsIn nomine Domini Dei nostri Dominus, et orate pro salute omnium.

The mission of the Advent International Order of Exorcists is to provide spiritual assistance to those in need. .


Holy Bible

Invoking the Name of God and His SonWord of God, the Holy Bible

We, the Order of Exorcists work to rid a location, or God forbid, a person from the hand of evil.

Lord's Prayer

Advent International Order of ExorcistsIn nomine Domini Dei nostri Dominus, et orate pro salute omnium.

We are sponsored by Advent International Catholic Church under presiding Bishop Archbishop Kevin Twohig. The Advent International Catholic Church has Seven churches in the United States located in WV, KY, NE, NC, FL, OH, AK), along with churches in Japan and Nigeria. It is one of the churches which split from the Roman Catholic Church in 1860.

Our Services

The Advent International Order Of Exorcists do not charge for services.
If you require our services, Please fill out the form below. The more information, the quicker we can help.

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